SAPA Western Cape Annual Provincial Conference 2024

Join Us for our Annual Conference!


24 & 25 May 2024


What Creates Success In School Classrooms and Offices


Houw Hoek / Grabouw

Our Guest Speakers

Wolfgang Riebe

Tired of boring meetings & Events? Introducing Wolfgang Riebe, the dynamic force in masterful emceeing, captivating keynote speaking, and comedic magic. Boasting an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Wolfgang has enthralled audiences worldwide, dazzling over a million people live across 165+ Countries.

Prepare to be enchanted, motivated, and inspired by Wolfgang Riebe’s unparalleled fusion of magic, comedy, and motivation. His electrifying presence and global acclaim mark him as a transformative force in entertainment and empowerment. Join the legacy of this captivated by his unique charisma and expertise.

Mr Jewel Jonkers

Mr Jewel Jonkers is the District Director of the largest district in the Western Cape, Eden and Central Karoo – it is also one of the poorest. Yet, under his mentorship, Eden and Central Karoo had the 2nd best results in the Western Cape NSC in 2023 and previously was the 10th best district in the country. Jewel’s “magic” is that he is a son of the soil and believes his mission is a calling from God. He has changed the entire relationship between District Officials and schools to one of collaboration and camaraderie. At this conference he will be sharing how it is possible to create ethos in any environment to the benefit of the learners of all communities.

Jewel understands education at all levels as he has walked the path from educator all the way up to District Director.

Mr Stephen Price

“My period as principal of Bergvliet High was characterised by significant transformation of the learner and staff demographic, with many learners from primary schools in the Retreat, Heathfield, Grassy Park and Lotus River suburbs attending Bergvliet High.

“My journey is one of a teacher who was (and still is) available to teach children in any school environment without prejudice. Children are children wherever they attend school, and it is my professional responsibility, and personal privilege, to ensure that the learners in my classroom or school receive a quality education from me.” He admits, however, stepping into Lotus High “my leadership and management skills have been tested to the limit. From the top performing school in the circuit to the worst performing school in the province…”

We will hear the heart of this remarkable leader and also tap into some of the magic he is performing at Lotus River.

Mr Grant Butler

Grant Butler is the National President of SAPA. He is an award-winning Public Speaker, a formidable preacher and the Headmaster of Grey Primary. He has studied educational issues in many countries, including the USA and China, and, most recently, was a guest of the International Convention of Principals in Finland. He has worked at the cliff-face in managing diversity and in embracing ICT. Grant is happily married with two rumbustious boys. He loves good coffee, the sea and spending time with a camera, his family and his wicked sense of humour.

Mr Michael Mavovana

Mr Michael Mavovana is an esteemed figure in the field of education, serving as the principal of Hector Petersen Secondary School. With an illustrious career spanning 35 years, including 29 years in diverse managerial roles, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of education and fostering holistic development among learners. In essence, Mr Michael Mavovana is not just a principal, but a visionary leader who has transformed a school, a community, and the lives of countless learners. His legacy is one of growth, empowerment, and unwavering commitment to excellence in education. Mr Michael Mavovana is the winner of the award for Excellence in Secondary School Leadership in the Western Cape.

Alison Botha

Audiences sit in rapt attention as Alison speaks of the brutally cruel torture to which she was subjected and how she has overcome the challenge of that experience by applying her own ABC – Attitude, Belief and Choice. You learn to recognise the importance of attitude at all times. You will gain insight into the power of belief in yourself and she will share of the freedom and responsibility of making choices, no matter what happens in your life.

Alison has been speaking on the professional speaking circuit for several years. Her aim to ‘make a difference’ has been overwhelming as she has spoken to countless thousands of people which include large business corporations, women and social groups as well as several schools. She has addressed international audiences in over 20 different countries including the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Not everyone has the natural talent to inspire others from bad experiences but her message teaches how valuable life is and that the solutions to the challenges facing us lie within ourselves. Alison weaves her three strands of her life’s philosophy – attitude, belief, choice – into an unbreakable lifeline of strength for all to hold onto as a life skill never to be forgotten.

Bergvliet High School

The success of Bergvliet High School’s bands is testament to the enormous growth of the Music Department. Over the years the bands have performed on various stages including Hectic Nine 9, Expresso, Cape Town Eisteddfod, Jazz on the lawn, High School Jam, Tutti World Youth Music Festival (China), Cape Town International Jazz Festival School’s Concert, Artscape Youth Jazz Festival, Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival and are the Champions of the 2020, 2023 and 2024 Waterfront Band Slam Competition.

The ensemble performing at the conference is made up of a group of friends who enjoyed jamming so much that they started a band called “The Band”