Subject Head Training

The MacMillan presentation to primary school Grade and Subject Heads on Saturday 12 March 2022 was a positive encounter of the best kind.  It was clear that SAPA WC had correctly identified a need,  and the audience was excited to be part of this learning and empowering experience.

The Subject or Grade Head is a core part of the success of any school, and it was wonderful that educators in this role could be affirmed by being identified and invited to a session such as this. . A  feather in the cap of presenter Dr Nazli Domingo Salie, who was on point, allowed teachers to express themselves and share experiences, and gave practical ideas of how best to cope with their position in the school hierarchy.  A big strength of this group was the diverse nature of the context in which the participants found themselves.  

Many misconceptions could be addressed, and examples of best practice were shared readily. Although participants were less than enthusiastic about the preceding online sessions, the in-person and interactive nature of this session, allowing for questions and broad-based responses, was widely applauded.  Not even an hour of loadshedding right at the start could dampen the enthusiam!
The arrangements for the day were well executed.  Registration was done very well, the presenter arrived timeously, the venue had been well prepared, and the catering was sufficient.

Perhaps the success of the workshop is summed up in three comments I overheard :
   – “That was worthwhile…”
   – “Now we are going back with a plan, guys!”
   –  Principals and SMT should also be in this workshop”.
Thank you to SAPA WC for facilitating this successful workshop, and for MacMillan for ensuring that the show is A-rated!!!